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Jagannath Mistry
Itacaré - Bahia
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📞 +55 73 - 99983 8009

Jagannath Mistry, an Indian artist who has lived in Itacaré since 2002 and is concerned with the health of the planet, has already organized collection of banners across the city and made pieces of abstract art inspired by the artist Jackson Pollock. In addition to producing a lot of modern, Afro-Brazilian and tropical art! Learn more about it and how to acquire a work of art.

About Jagannath

Mr Jagannath was born in India.
Has been always fascinated by color. He has spend over 40 years observing artistic traditions and practice in various countries and cultures. Now based Brazil he creates huge colorful painting. The aim of his work is to give aesthetics pleasure, to bring more color and texture into the home and the workspace.
His painting just for decoration peace of art
And inspired by America modern contemporary artist Mr Jackson pollock
And Jagannath trying very hard to reach his work and desire to show world wide with his inspiration and work.

At present moment he is in Itacaré Bahia with a studio.
His specialty in modern art is Afro Bazilian, tropical, colorful Sunset, Surf and Capoeira art.

He is selling his art using the Instagram and Facebook.

Contact Jagannath by Email
or by WhatsApp +55 73 9 99838009

Contact: Jagannath
📞 +55 73 - 99983 8009
whatsapp73 - 99983 8009


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