Located in a private area, this stunning beach also has great waves for surfing.

Although well-known by surfers it's not frequented so much by the general public, but it's certainly worth the effort.

There are two waves at Jeribucaçu, a short and heavy right-hander from the right corner that breaks into the middle of the beach and a longer, but still heavy left-hander from the middle breaking into the right corner of the beach.

The best surfing season at Jeribucaçu is the austral winter. Since this spot is fairly consistent, it is a great alternative to crowded Tiririca for shortboarders.


On the beach, small huts sell grilled fish, tapicoas and drinks.

Apart from the surf there is a large lagoon, perfect for swimming, and one of the most impressive mangrove river systems of Itacaré.

How to get there:
The only way to get there is walking through the forest trail, through private property.

The trail that leads to the beach starts 9 kilometers from Itacaré, on the road to Ilhéus (BA-001).

Walking to the beach takes about 30 minutes.


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Neutral Carbon Tourism Certification Building a Carbon Free Destination
In Itacaré and Serra Grande, look for the «Carbon Free Tourism Certification Program» seal exposed in hotels, restaurants and other services. The funds gathered through the program are redirected to traditional small-scale farmers to plant trees which will neutralize CO² emissions of the program contributors.

🌳 Carbon Free Certification Program
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Program directed by the Movimento Mecenas da Vida (Patrons for Life Movement)


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