Today Itacaré is considered to have a very high level of accommodation options, as well as high quality services, ideal for those seeking comfort, privacy, security and a truly authentic experience of Itacaré.


Some of the most beautiful beaches are located on the South Coast of Itacaré. There are many quality resorts concentrated in this area; currently two resorts and more luxury hotels are in project.

The South Coast is made up of many small beaches, all surrounded by tropical rainforest. This guarantees a certain exclusiveness for the hotels, as well as privacy for the guests. As a result, these resorts have all the qualities necessary for a paradisiacal stay.

They offer a personalized service, a variety of gastronomic choices, spa and beauty salons with various relaxation treatments and a wide choice of activities such as tennis, golf, adventure sports, nature and wildlife spotting, amongst others.


Itacaré's finest asset is it's enormous wealth of natural beauty. The combination of exceptional forests, rivers, waterfalls, mangroves and beaches make for countless unforgettable experiences. The way that the rainforest meets the waterfalls and beaches is one of the most exotic and beautiful examples to be seen along the entire Brazilian coastline. You can experience these natural riches by taking different day trips from Itacaré and with the help of specialized guides.


Itacaré's restaurants now offer varied menus and different, tasty ">gastronomic options, mixing Bahian flavors with culinary art from all around the world.

The quality of the ingredients and the abundance of fresh seafood combined with the talent of  Itacaré's professional chefs means that visitors have unique gastronomic experiences. It's easily possible to stay a week in Itacaré dining in a different restaurant every day of the week.


Many hotels and pousadas in Itacaré are involved, together with the local community, in regional sustainable development projects, aiming responsible use of natural resources, respect for cultural traditions, conservation of nature and improvement in quality of life for the local community.

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