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Conduru Arvorismo Conduru Arvorismo
Praia da Ribeira
Parcours Aventure - Acrobranche
Consists of a network of suspensed trails interconneted in the forest canopy with diverse level of difficulty and various activities to be mastered by the participant such as zip lining and rapeling.

Conduru Ecoturismo
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Passeios a Cavalo - Itacaré EcoRanch Passeios a Cavalo - Itacaré EcoRanch
Vila Camboinha - Itacaré
12km de Itacaré, 3km das praias Engenhoca e Itacarezinho
Discover typical landscapes of this region, formed by partially cultivated valleys and untouched parts of the Atlantic Forest. All walks start from the farm after a brief briefing on safety rules and key advice for true beginners. Horses of Quarter Horse or Campolina breeds have been selected according to their calm personality with a simple concept in mind: anyone can ride them.

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Vila Rosa - Imersão no mundo do chocolate Vila Rosa - Imersão no mundo do chocolate

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Tijuípe Waterfalls Tijuípe Waterfalls
Estrada Itacaré - Serra Grande
Access the trail from the Itacaré-Ilhéus highway (BA-001) a short an easy hike to the waterfall with a height of 4 meters (13 feet) and a width of 15 meters (49 feet) with a natural pool, perfect for swimming.

Trilha da Usina Trilha da Usina
Estrada Parque Itacaré - Serra Grande
Trail starting 10 km from Itacaré. It traverses large sections of rainforest, passing by Usine Waterfall, giving visitors an opportunity for a refreshing dip in a natural pool at the foot of the falls thar measure 25 meters (82 feet).

Serra do Conduru State Park Serra do Conduru State Park
Itacaré - Uruçuca
Interpretative trail of 1.44 km recently opened in partnership with members of the local community.

Marcelo Barreto
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Saltos do Almada Saltos do Almada
Lagoa Encantada

Reserva de Itacaré e Trilha Boa Paz Reserva de Itacaré e Trilha Boa Paz
Estrada Parque Itacaré/Ilhéus km 07 + Ramal Boa Paz

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Cachoeira de Noré Cachoeira de Noré

Cleandro Waterfalls Cleandro Waterfalls
Rio das Contas
Access by boat or canoe on the Contas River passing through mangroves. The waterfall is located in a private area (a small fee is charged). There is a restaurant.

Cachoeira do Cleandro
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Prainha Trail Prainha Trail
Ribeira - Prainha
Route normally operated by local ecotourism agencies. The journey starts at Ribeira Beach and ends at Prainha Beach, passing along coastline and forest trails.

Cachoeira da Pancada Grande Cachoeira da Pancada Grande

Salto do Apepique Salto do Apepique
Lagoa Encantada

Alto da Esperança Alto da Esperança
Interpretative trail of approximately 1km (5/8 of a mile) passing through well-preserved rainforest. After the journey, the walk end with a refreshing dip in a lake that has a small deck where the owner serve visitors some seasonal fruit from the property

Claudio Lôpo
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Reserva Refúgio dos Anjos e Lago Colibri Reserva Refúgio dos Anjos e Lago Colibri
Estrada Parque Itacaré/Ilhéus - Km07
Loja: Rua Pedro Longo 108 - Pituba - Itacaré
Trail extending 2040 meters (2,233 yards) in which the path passes through different stages of forest growth, including a section of ancient rainforest, and a waterfall with a natural pool giving visitors an opportunity for a refreshing dip the water.

Cecilia e Jai
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Janela da Gindiba Janela da Gindiba
Estrada Parque Itacaré - Serra Grande
Trail covering a total distance of 1290 meters (1410 yards). 440 meters pass through a beautiful coconut plantation and a reforestation area. 850 metres pass through virgin rainforest.

Engenho Waterfall Engenho Waterfall
Estrada de Taboquinhas
Access by boat on the Contas River, then by canoe passing through the rainforest.